XBlue's Clues & You Official Theme Song

Check out the theme song from Blue's Clues & You!

Blue's Clues & You Official Theme Song
XBlue's Clues & You: A Day with Blue

Tickety Tock loves counting, telling time and helping Blue throughout her day. If kids love Blue’s Clues and You! they’ll love spending a day with Tickety and helping guide Blue through each of her daily routines. Morning time, afternoon time, and evening time, each brings different activities like teeth brushing, mail time, snack time and more! Can your preschooler help Tickety prepare for each part of Blue’s day? To help Tickety with Blue’s routines, kids will gather (drag and drop) all the objects Blue needs to complete that activity. Once all objects are selected, kids will get to see how doing their part helps Blue complete her daily routine. Blue is so excited she can count on your child to make all her routines happen! This Blue’s Clues and You! game focuses on routines and can help prompt conversations with your child about why routines are so important and helpful to get through each day.

Blue's Clues & You: A Day with Blue
XBlue's Birthday Gifts

Come and have fun at Blue's birthday party! Join Josh as he follows the clues to find out what she wants to get as a gift.

Blues Clues & You: Blue's Birthday Gifts
XMail Time with Josh and Blue!

It's mail time! Sing the mail time song with Josh and Blue and check out the email that he's gotten from some friends.

Mail Time with Josh and Blue!
XOther playdates

While playing Blue's clues, Josh and Blue help their friends have fun with other games.

Blue's Clues & You: Other playdates
XWorld Cooking

Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper and the whole Shaker family are making tasty treats from around the world for Blue … and YOU! Kids become kitchen helpers as they help their friends steam soup dumplings from China, roll gnocchi from Italy, stuff tamales from Mexico, and more – all while learning fun facts about cuisines and cultures of ten different countries. Get clued into delicious world culture with Blue’s Clues & You!

Blue's Clues and You: World Cooking
XBlue's Playdate with Magenta

Blue's friend Magenta is coming over for a playdate! Josh must play Blue's Clues to figure out what Blue wants to do with Magenta.

Blue's Playdate with Magenta
XVisit the farm

Follow Josh and Blue as they jump together for the first time to visit a farm and help their friend.

Blue's Clues & You: Visit the farm

Blue's Clues & You