XPuppet Theater

Dora and Kate have to save the Littlest Piggy in Puppet Land in time for the puppet show.

Dora and Friends: Into the City!: Puppet Theater
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XSoccer Dance

Follow the feet and kick to the beat!

Get a Move On: Dora and Friends Soccer Dance
XWonderful Wardobe

Choose your favorite outfit for Dora in this dress-up game!

Dora and Friends: Dora's Wonderful Wardrobe
XGold Coins

Sing along with Dora and her friends as they clean up the beach and collect gold coins along the way

DAF: Gold Coins
XGolden Parrot

Dora and her friends must figure out how to help a golden parrot who's never flown before get back home!

DAF: Golden Parrot
XTrick or Treat

Dora, Kate, and Emma must save the monster and ghosts’ big Halloween party from a witch who thinks she wasn’t invited.

Dora and Friends: Into the City!: 'Trick or Treat'
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XMagic Practice

Sing along as Dora and Pablo prepare and practice their tricks for the magic show.

DAF: Magic Practice
XDora and Friends - Concert Day

Help Dora and her friends put on a concert by designing the stage and collecting the missing musical items so the concert can go ahead.

Age: 3-6

Dora and Friends - Concert Day
XGrow the Snowman

When a big storm starts heading towards Dora, Naiya, and Pablo, Shivers, the snowman, comes to the rescue!

DAF: Grow the Snowman
XSwiper's Apology

Swiper feels bad for swiping Boots' backpack and decides to apologize! Boots understands and forgives him.

DAF: Swiper's Apology
XRhyme Time

Help Dora and Emma find the right rhymes in time! They're in a pop music challenge and need your help!

DAF: Rhyme Time
XMatch the Glyphs

Dora & Naiya need your help to follow along, match the glyphs, and sing this song!

Count it Up: Dora and Friends Match the Glyphs

Dora & Friends: Into the City